What’s Your Definition Of A Win?

By Nicole | Mar 2, 2018

We a lot of different things in real estate. We consult, we market, we negotiate, and most of all we serve our clients. The end result is often a sale, but not always. Consider this: A successful agent might sell 30-50 homes a year. More if you are part of a team. But regardless, most…

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The Power of the Pause

By Nicole | Feb 16, 2018

Holy Real Estate markets! I’m pretty sure this would be Robin’s take on the market if he and Batman were agents. Last year was a tight market, with fewer listings and higher appreciation rates than the year before. Sure enough, the stats just came out for January of 2018 showing even fewer listings than 2017.…

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Join The Start / Stop Challenge

By Nicole | Feb 2, 2018

If we are connected on social media, you may have seen my post in January kicking this off. A friend of mine did this a few years ago, and I thought it was brilliant. Whether it’s New Years resolutions, or any other type of goal setting, it’s pretty typical to come up with a list…

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Getting A Dog Was The Best Business Decision Ever

By Nicole | Jan 18, 2018

And it has nothing to do with meeting clients at the dog park. The truth is, I’m a scheduling disaster. I book all of my appointments mid day, thinking I’ll do my office work in the afternoon. Good in theory, but I work from home, so by mid afternoon the boys are there, and I’m…

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It’s Been A While …

By Nicole | Jan 7, 2018

And I’ve missed you! I took a break from blogging for the second half of last year, and while it was exactly what I needed, I missed connecting with all of you. Thank you to everyone who reached out to say hello. I was feeling a little burnt out, and like I needed to honor…

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Happy Summer!

By Nicole | Jul 14, 2017

Happy Friday! It’s the middle of July and you may have noticed that my weekly blog has been pretty sporadic for the last month. I’m still here. Although, I’m feeling the need to recharge a bit. I’ve got some new real estate projects that I’m working on, and I’m having a wonderful time soaking up…

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Plan or Act, Which Comes First?

By Nicole | Jun 2, 2017

If it seems like a trick question – you’re right. The natural, logical, sensible answer is to plan fist, act second. After all, don’t they say that time spent planning can save you time and money down the road? In theory, the answer is yes, and if you are an international company looking to spend…

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It’s Time To Break Up With Your Fuzzy Socks

By Nicole | May 18, 2017

Some agents are rocking and rolling right now. If that is you, know that I’m celebrating your success with you. However, I’ve talked with a lot of agents who are struggling. Whether it’s Buyers opting out of the market, or sellers who manage to sell their homes off market once they let people know that…

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You Don’t Attract What You Want, You Attract What You Are

By Nicole | May 11, 2017

If you are anything like me, you have done more than a couple of goal setting exercises only to end up in the exact same spot as you were before. Frustrating! It wasn’t from a lack of effort, but something didn’t click, and while it may not have been an epic failure, it wasn’t exactly…

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