How and When To Talk About Yourself

By Nicole | Mar 16, 2017

You’re meeting with a new buyer or seller and it’s the point in the conversation when you need to talk about yourself. Maybe that’s your favorite part. But for many, especially if you are introvert, the thought of “selling yourself” is enough to make you reconsider your decision to be a real estate agent. It’s…

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When Envy Is Good

By Nicole | Mar 10, 2017

Ever heard the term Green with Envy? We talk about envy like it’s a bad thing, but channeled correctly, it can be a great benefit. Growth is about experiencing new things, but to experience them, you first need to know about them and think “that sounds like fun I’d like to do / be /…

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Are You Giving Resistance Too Much Credit?

By Nicole | Mar 3, 2017

  Steven Pressfield defines resistance in his book War of Art as the thoughts that tell you: you aren’t good enough, it’s been done before and therefore you can’t,  and who are you to dream this big? The trick with resistance, is that it can feel so real in the moment. Yet it’s just the mind…

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Expectations vs Standards

By Nicole | Feb 16, 2017

Expectations vs Standards On the surface they seem so similar, and yet they are completely different. Expectations are your definition of how something should be. How a person should act. How something should work out. They require other people and situations to bend to your will in order for you to be happy. It’s a…

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Counseling Buyers In A Multiple Offer Market

By Nicole | Feb 10, 2017

Is it just me, or is counseling your buyer on writing a winning offer a bit stressful? They want answers to things like “how high should I go” that you can’t answer. And price is just a portion of the conversation. That one seems easy compared to the waiving of contingencies that is going on…

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There’s Enough For Everyone

By Nicole | Feb 3, 2017

It’s a busy market. Listings are scarce and buyers are competing on virtually any house they write an offer on. Depending on your outlook, things can seem a bit bleak. Like there isn’t enough to go around. Some agents are doing incredibly well, and others are feeling like they’re missing the boat. When that happens,…

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Dealing With Uncertainty

By Nicole | Jan 19, 2017

Today is inauguration day. Donald Trump is officially the President of the United States. There is no way to know what will happen from here, but it seems fairly safe to say that today marks a turning point for America. History will look back on this Presidency as one that changed the course of many…

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Receive vs Get

By Nicole | Jan 12, 2017

A question I often hear is “how can I get business from social media”? We hear about agents generating endless business from Facebook, Instagram, etc. They make it sounds so easy. Which leaves you wondering, how can I get some of that business too? The problem lies in the question. Really the questions should be “how…

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3 Things That Made The Biggest Difference In 2016

By Nicole | Jan 6, 2017

As I prepare for an agent panel at our company kick off this morning, one of the questions is, what made the biggest difference in 2016. Even after 20 years in real estate, it’s a constant process of refinement. Finding what works, and then amplifying it. Here are the 3 things that seemed to matter…

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