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Tap Tap – Is This Thing Still On?

By Nicole | Oct 12, 2018

That every other week blog post thing turned into a little longer than I thought. Sorry about that! This year’s real estate market has been one for the record books. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Back in April, things got super busy, and I did exactly what I tell everyone else not to…

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Yep – I Started A Podcast

By Nicole | May 4, 2018

True confession time. I’m lame when it comes to my real estate marketing. Yes, I have a blog dedicated to helping you be a better agent, and I just admitted that I suck at one of the key elements of being an agent. Marketing. It hasn’t always been like that. I used to be amazing…

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How You Say It Matters

By Nicole | Apr 19, 2018

I was teaching a class this week, and the topic off affirmations / self talk came up. Affirmations involve speaking about a goal as if it’s already happened. ie. “I have earned $250,000 in 2018“. Or better yet, “I am grateful to have earned $250,000 in 2018“. It’s the process of reprogramming your sub conscious…

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The Magic of Showing Up

By Nicole | Apr 6, 2018

“80 percent of life is showing up” Woody Allen I had to remind myself of that this morning when the alarm went off, and I headed to the gym. Friday’s are my swim day, which is my favorite workout, but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to get out of bed at 5am. True to…

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Which is Better, Buyers or Sellers?

By Nicole | Mar 22, 2018

In this market, you probably answered Sellers. After all, inventory is low, chances are you can sell it in a week, and whether there is 1 offer or 10, you come out a winner. And at every sales meeting, your managing broker is likely telling you to focus on listings. I get it. There’s a lot…

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What’s Your Definition Of A Win?

By Nicole | Mar 2, 2018

We a lot of different things in real estate. We consult, we market, we negotiate, and most of all we serve our clients. The end result is often a sale, but not always. Consider this: A successful agent might sell 30-50 homes a year. More if you are part of a team. But regardless, most…

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The Power of the Pause

By Nicole | Feb 16, 2018

Holy Real Estate markets! I’m pretty sure this would be Robin’s take on the market if he and Batman were agents. Last year was a tight market, with fewer listings and higher appreciation rates than the year before. Sure enough, the stats just came out for January of 2018 showing even fewer listings than 2017.…

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Join The Start / Stop Challenge

By Nicole | Feb 2, 2018

If we are connected on social media, you may have seen my post in January kicking this off. A friend of mine did this a few years ago, and I thought it was brilliant. Whether it’s New Years resolutions, or any other type of goal setting, it’s pretty typical to come up with a list…

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Getting A Dog Was The Best Business Decision Ever

By Nicole | Jan 18, 2018

And it has nothing to do with meeting clients at the dog park. The truth is, I’m a scheduling disaster. I book all of my appointments mid day, thinking I’ll do my office work in the afternoon. Good in theory, but I work from home, so by mid afternoon the boys are there, and I’m…

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