Beware The Marketing Plan

By Nicole | May 5, 2017

The subject of marketing plans came up this week, which is always an interesting topic. Interesting because we all know that we need one, but when it comes down to it, rarely do I find an agent who is confident in their plan. As a result, it’s easy to go with the shotgun, more is…

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12 Success Secrets From The Seahawks

By Nicole | Apr 28, 2017

The NFL draft started yesterday. They trades their first round draft pick to have more picks in the 2nd and 3rd round. Why did they do this? Because it’s part of their strategy. Just like the Seahawks, you need a strategy for your business to be successful. This week, since I’ve got football on the…

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Stake Your Claim, Ask For What You Want

By Nicole | Apr 22, 2017

Are you a specialist or a generalist? It’s an age old question and highly debated. Do you focus on one specific area of the real estate market, or do you do anything and everything? It’s a topic that came up the other day with a friend  who runs a highly successful staffing company for Microsoft…

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How Well Do You Roll With It?

By Nicole | Apr 6, 2017

It’s the first week of the month, which means it’s time to break out the calculator. 3 months down, 9 to go, $X earned and $Y left means you need to make what amount a month to reach your goal? Every 30 days the calculation gets redone, and each time you ask – are you…

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You Told Your Clients To Do What?

By Nicole | Mar 31, 2017

This was a busy week with 2 listings selling in multiple offers. When I called one of the agents to congratulate her buyers on being the winning bid, her response was, “Hurray, now I want to throw up”. Not the usual response, but I get it. Buyers are doing a lot right now to win.…

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How and When To Talk About Yourself

By Nicole | Mar 16, 2017

You’re meeting with a new buyer or seller and it’s the point in the conversation when you need to talk about yourself. Maybe that’s your favorite part. But for many, especially if you are introvert, the thought of “selling yourself” is enough to make you reconsider your decision to be a real estate agent. It’s…

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When Envy Is Good

By Nicole | Mar 10, 2017

Ever heard the term Green with Envy? We talk about envy like it’s a bad thing, but channeled correctly, it can be a great benefit. Growth is about experiencing new things, but to experience them, you first need to know about them and think “that sounds like fun I’d like to do / be /…

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Are You Giving Resistance Too Much Credit?

By Nicole | Mar 3, 2017

  Steven Pressfield defines resistance in his book War of Art as the thoughts that tell you: you aren’t good enough, it’s been done before and therefore you can’t,  and who are you to dream this big? The trick with resistance, is that it can feel so real in the moment. Yet it’s just the mind…

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Expectations vs Standards

By Nicole | Feb 16, 2017

Expectations vs Standards On the surface they seem so similar, and yet they are completely different. Expectations are your definition of how something should be. How a person should act. How something should work out. They require other people and situations to bend to your will in order for you to be happy. It’s a…

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