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Wowing Your Clients

Honoring Your Client’s Process

I taught a coaching class recently and, as we were doing a check in, one of the agents commented on a Buyer he is working with that is not in tune with the current market prices.   The question came up about what he could say to get his client on track. Sometimes there is a…

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You Don’t Have to Fix it to Make it Right

An agent called me last week for some advice on how to deal with a situation in her business. A Buyer client of hers was under contract on a house and they had received 2 appraisals at less than the purchase price.  She was calling me for ideas on how to ‘fix it’. As she…

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An Update And Twist On The Client Happy Hours

Kelly, a fellow agent in the Seattle area shared with us a few weeks ago, her system for doing quarterly happy hours with her clients.  It started as an opportunity for her clients to swing by, say hello and get any Real Estate of lending questions answered in the meantime.  Her first few were very successful,…

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A Follow Up To The Client Happy Hour

As I was talking with Kelly this week to let her know that I had posted the information about the Real Estate happy hour on the blog she shared with me a twist that they are doing for the next one that they do.  This one will focus on those clients they have who own…

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A Great Way To Connect With Your Clients

I was chatting with my good friend and fellow Realtor Kelly Pangborn the other day and she was kind enough to share with me something that has been very successful for her this year.  We are always looking for ways to stay connect to our clients, but let’s face it~ time gets away from us,…

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Set Yourself Apart And Be A Resource For Your Clients

In listening to Larry Kendall’s webinar yesterday he had some great insights and tools to help us as agents be a true resource for our clients.  (For information about future webinars with Larry Kendall, the ultimate real estate guru, check out for dates and to register.) Two websites that he mentioned provide valuable insights…

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