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Erin Wright

"Thank you so much for working with me and coaching me. The coaching calls we had together help me go from a place where I was grateful for my business but felt like I was barely staying afloat because I was so busy, to a place where I can just be grateful, excited and moving forward with my business. Your big picture thinking, along with your small tips and tricks has really had a positive impact on me in both my personal and professional life. Thank you for all of your help and advice!"

- Erin E. Wright

Julie Wilson

"I joined one of Nicole’s mentorship groups in the beginning of 2015 and it has made all the difference – I highly recommend. She has this fantastic way of energizing and inspiring me on both a professional and personal level. I can’t wait to do it again….I think of it as a gift to myself!

It’s about waking up each day excited for life and confident that things are going to go your way."

- Julie Wilson

Jeanette Lawrence

"I found Nicole’s Mentorship program to be Great Fun & a rewarding experience. Working with Nicole helped me explore, brainstorm, & clarify what / how to go forward with my personal & business goals and enjoy the experiences along the way!! Create magic in life & be thankful"

- Jeanette Lawrence

Ashley Weiss

"Thank you Nicole for your insight, honest and supportive approach during your mentorship program! It’s made such a huge impact and I look forward to growing and developing my business and enriching my personal life as well smile emoticon Here’s to serving others, having fun and earning a living!"

- Ashley Weiss


Marketing and Systems combined with Action are the keys to Success. But the question is often: What Marketing? Which Systems? What Actions? *I am not doing a mentorship program at this time. Be sure to sign up for our weekly emails with strategies and tips to improve your business and the latest news on upcoming programs.

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What If You Planned Your Fun First?

By Nicole Mangina | October 22, 2021

As we roll into the holidays and the new year, it’s a good time to chat about time and how we do our planning. Some holiday seasons I treasure. They are filled with special moments, deep connection and a whole lot of gratitude. Others are a whirlwind and 1/2 way through I realize I’m just…


What It Truly Means to Lead Your Clients

By Nicole Mangina | October 15, 2021

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. We are meant to lead our clients through the process, but what does that mean? Does it mean we make all of the decisions and are solely responsible for the results? Are our clients supposed to fall in line and follow us, no matter what? Because after…


Ready, Set, Go – It’s Connection Season

By Nicole Mangina | October 7, 2021

October kicks off the holiday season, and an important time of year for your business. Whether you are on the pumpkin spice latte, Christmas music from now until January camp or the I’d rather skip the next few months and hibernate until the new year – there’s no denying. What you do now, will lay…


Cheers To 20 Years!

By Nicole Mangina | September 30, 2021

Gary and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary last week. Woohoo! It has been a great adventure, and I can’t wait to see what the next 20+ years bring. Milestones are great for reflecting. We’ve been through so many stages of life together. From being young and getting started in our careers, having kids, getting involved…


What’s Your 1 Thing For the 4th Quarter?

By Nicole Mangina | September 9, 2021

I know the 4th quarter officially starts October 1st, but I always consider September the 4th quarter. Rumor has it September is the new January, and it gives you 3 months to get things under contract and closed before the end of the year. For me it’s always been a great time to refocus after…


What’s Your Why?

By Nicole Mangina | September 2, 2021

It’s Labor Day weekend. For many it marks the end of summer, back to school and the end of white jeans until next season. But it was created to celebrate the achievements of American workers. Which makes it the perfect opportunity to check in on your why. Why do you work so hard? It’s easy…


I’ve Been Waiting For This!

By Nicole Mangina | August 27, 2021

The boys go back to school next Wednesday! The real kind of school where they leave the house, are gone for a full day and get to interact with other kids. (I know the kids went back for a bit at the end of last year, but Alex stayed remote, so it didn’t feel like…


What’s Your Back To School Plan?

By Nicole Mangina | August 20, 2021

Can you feel it? The cooler mornings, the slightly shorter days. School starts in 12 days, but whose counting? Every Fall I take time to reset, refocus on my goals and sharpen the saw. September 1st always feels like January 1st to me. In preparation for the 4th quarter, and because I love spending time…


Need Branding Help? Kelsey is the BEST!

By Nicole Mangina | August 5, 2021

I worked with Kelsey Kurtis earlier this year and she is the most amazing branding person of all time! Branding is something I struggle with. I think I’m pretty good at showing up as me, but translating that into pictures and marketing comments is something entirely different. Earlier this year I decided it was time…


How To Help Based on Personality Type

By Nicole Mangina | July 30, 2021

I had a fascinating conversation with an agent this week about a seller that just wasn’t getting it done. The agent was offering to provide all the resources – painters, contractors, etc – but the client wasn’t taking action. Why were they saying one thing – I need to get my house sold so that…


I Would Take Time Off But…

By Nicole Mangina | July 16, 2021

I’m too busy and I can’t leave my clients. Or. I’m slow, I can’t afford to take time off. It’s the age old question of real estate. What comes first, the vacation or the transaction? I’ve talked to a lot of agents lately that really want a vacation, but feel like they are too busy.…


Weekly Experiments on Focus and Results

By Nicole Mangina | July 8, 2021

I love the word ‘experiment’ for so many reasons, but especially when it comes to life and business. Setting goals and action plans always feel so stressful and charged. What if they don’t work? How do you know at the beginning if you’ve chosen the right one? If you don’t get the desired result whose…


Perfectly Imperfect

By Nicole Mangina | July 1, 2021

I always have been, and always will be – proud to be an American. Does it mean I agree with everything, of course not, but at the end of the day I am grateful for our country and all of her imperfections. The vastness, the variety, and ability to experience so much. We as individuals…


Bonding With Buyers Agents

By Nicole Mangina | June 24, 2021

I used to dread calling Buyers agents after an offer review when they didn’t get the house. It’s never fun to deliver bad news, but I’ve found that if you lean in, there can be some great bonding moments that happen. Because at some point, we are all Buyer’s agents. For that specific property I…


Morning Routine – The Summer Edition

By Nicole Mangina | June 3, 2021

Longer days and sunny skies mark the shift so summer routines and I’m so ready to mix things up. Once school gets out the energy shifts in our house. It’s more free flowing and a lot less structured. I love that the focus is more about fun and play than checking things off the list,…


How I Ended Up In A Disney Movie

By Nicole Mangina | May 20, 2021

I’m always amazed at how life plays out. Does anyone else have powerful lessons show up in the most unexpected ways? One of our epic Covid quarantine ideas was to plan a trip to Pinehurst, NC with some friends. Pinehurst is the Disneyland of golf, complete with the hedges that spell out the name –…


Keeping Your Sanity in Multiple Offers

By Nicole Mangina | May 13, 2021

It’s offer review day and you just submitted an offer for your buyers. Que Jeapordy music. The moment you hit send on the email and confirm receipt with the listing agent time seems to slow down as you wait for a response. At first the hope is that your clients get the house, but as…


Let Go of What’s Not Working

By Nicole Mangina | May 7, 2021

Last week we talked about adding activities that make a positive difference. This week will help to make room for them. Adding good things is great, but it’s just as important to let go of what’s not working. It might be an action or activity that isn’t serving you right now, or a mindset. Notice…


Discipline vs Motivation

By Nicole Mangina | April 30, 2021

We talk a lot about motivation – the inner drive to succeed. In theory, if you are motivated enough, motivation is all you need to achieve a goal. It sounds petty simple, but somewhere along the way motivation stops being enough. And that’s where things get sticky. My guess is that you set some sort…


Do You Have a Comparison Hang Over?

By Nicole Mangina | April 23, 2021

I hope that you are crazy busy right now selling more homes than you ever have before. But on the off chance you’re not, this one’s for you. If you are like me, you track the market every day and are connected with lots of agents on social media. Some because you are friends, and…