How Do You Hold Yourself Accountable?

I was having a lively discussion last week with a number of Ninja Mom Real Estate agents last week regarding best practices from 2008, things to implement in 2009 and when we got to how we were going to hold ourselves accountable for doing what it takes to achieve our goals, things got quiet.  The reality is that many people set goals, but very few take the extra step to set up ways to keep themselves accountable and on track along the way.

I can tell you from personal experience that having accountability systems in place will EXPONENTIALLY increase your chances of accomplishing anything.

What did come out though, is that to truly work, you need to approach accountability on many levels.  It is not just a once a month check in with someone else.  For me I have cd’s that I listen to in the car about real estate, business and positive thinking, I read ‘Mastery’ by Stewart Emery each morning to focus my mind on being the best each day (I will post ‘Mastery’ here on the blog as a reference in case you have not read it before.), I attend classes on a regular basis, I meet with other agents regularly to brainstorm and share new ideas and I attend retreats on topics that include real estate and energy work.  Admittedly I feel like a dork sometimes with doing all of this, but it really does work and has a huge impact on my thought process, energy levels and productivity in all areas of my life.

In summary, do whatever works for you, but be sure to keep yourself surrounded with positive things.

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