How Do You Stay Positive?

I know that I have talked about this before in the blog, but I think that in this economy and environment it is something that can not be discussed enough.  We all know that the attitude we bring to any situation can greatly affect the outcome.  It is one tiny little thing that only you can control and the impact is phenomenal.

So what are you doing about it?

What music do you listen to?

What are you reading?

How do you spend your free time?

Who are you spending your time with?

Want to know my number one thing for keeping myself positive?  Laugh like crazy at least once a day!  Trust me, if you can develop your sense of humor (and if you have children you must have a good sense of humor to keep yourself sane!) you will be amazed at how many things just are not that big of a deal anymore.

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend about a mutual friend who was off to purchase an assortment of objects that she was convinced would change her life and increase her business.  You know the drill.  We have all been there!  So my friend and I started chatting about all of the silly things that we have done or purchased over the years to revamp our businesses or reinvent ourselves.  Truly we were crying we were laughing so hard!  One of these days I think we are going to have a party and all of  us will need to bring an object that we were convinced would change our world and tell the story of what we thought it would do for us.   Who knows, maybe we could even trade and get those results that we were hoping for originally.

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