Think The Little Things Don’t Matter? Play Your Own Six Degrees Of Seperation Game

I know that life can be overwhelming at times and finding the time and effort to make that one extra phone call, write a note card or take a class can seem daunting, but DO IT.  Take a few minutes and give this a try.  Think of something really great in  your life and think back to the chain of events that got you there.

For me I really enjoy writing this blog.  It helps me to focus my thoughts and hold me accountable and it also has allowed me to connect with some truly amazing agents across the country.  So how did I end up writing this blog?  6 years ago I took a CRS business planning class taught by Walt Frey.  During the class he was talking about a new course that he was just starting to teach called Ninja Selling.  (For more details on Ninja Selling check out and  I really felt a connection to Walt in the class and the principles of the Ninja Selling course sounded like exactly what I had been looking for to expand my business and integrate it with my life.  A few days after the class I was talking with my girlfriend Merry, who is a real estate agent over in Idaho.  She mentioned that Walt was scheduled to teach the Ninja Selling class in two weeks in Spokane, about a 4 hour drive from where I live.  So I signed up and hopped in the car.  The class was everything I hoped it would be and more.  And better, yet, he was starting a monthly group coaching session over in Spokane.  So I traveled back and forth to Spokane once a month for a year.  (I missed the last class because I was so pregnant I couldn’t get on an airplane or sit in a car long enough to get there. ) The class truly changed my life and my business.  Walt and I stayed in touch and pretty soon he started teaching his classes here in the Seattle area which I gratefully attended.  I also started attending Ninja retreats in Fort Collins Colorado, the home of the original Ninjas, and got to know Larry Kendall, the leader of The Group Inc. (  In talking with Walt and Larry and other Ninja trainers it became evident that many moms were excited about the Ninja philosophy and integrating it into their business, but felt overwhelmed with time constraints of taking care of a family in addition to working.  Hence the Ninja Mom blog was born as a way to share ideas and reach out to working moms to support each other in accomplishing our goals.

I never would have guessed 6 years ago when I decided to take a CRS class to get some clock hours for my license renewal that it would have helped me elevate my business to the level it is, introduced me to as many amazing people as it has, given me a mission of reaching out to support and motivate working moms and have me writing this blog.

I also find that this is helpful when I am working towards a goal.  Once you set a goal you eventually end up in a no mans land between having set the goal and gotten really excited about it and waiting for it to actually show up.  In the moment it can be hard to have confidence that the little things you are doing today will have a big pay off tomorrow.  Well take a look at where you are now and what got you here.  You might be very surprised how it all came together.

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