Give Yourself Permission For Today To Suck

I know that thinking positively and finding the best in everything is what we all strive for.  I know that our attitude has a tremendous affect on virtually everything in our lives.  But sometimes things happen that just plain suck.  Today my sister lost her baby.  She was well into her third month of pregnancy so in theory beyond the critical first few months where something could go wrong.  She is extremely healthy, did all of the right things and for some reason this pregnancy just was not meant to be.

We spent the afternoon together today crying and laughing and talking about all sorts of things.  She is such a strong person and I admire her so much.  She really is in a good place about it and knows that for whatever reason it was meant to be and that all will be okay.  I so agree with this in the long term but I did remind her that there are a lot of emotions to be felt with this and sometimes it is okay to just go there.  No whining about this for months on end will not solve anything but sometimes I think that it is worth it to give yourself some time to just hold a pity party for yourself.  So go ahead and get it out.  Cry until you can’t cry any more, eat that giant bowl of ice cream, take a long bath, watch silly movies.  Whatever it is that you need to do to process those emotions.  I think that sometimes doing it this way actually helps  you bounce back faster than trying to pretend that you are okay with everything.  So decide that today is going to be awful and know that tomorrow will be a new day and a better day.

One thing I do remind myself of is that my life has been pretty spectacular thus far and the universe would not have brought me this far just to let me down now so I have to know that it will work itself out and I know the same will be true for her.

So sorry if this post is a little too personal, but it was just something I  had to get out.

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