Doing The Daily Grind

I am madly in love with my boys and my husband.  In virtually every way I am living the life of my dreams.  That being said, I have to admit that it isn’t always as exotic and exciting as I thought it was going to be all those years ago.  I caught myself staring at the bed the other morning wondering if I should even bother making it since I was just going to have to make it again the next day!  It actually made me start laughing.   It happens once or twice a year and I know that it is time to take a step back when I start going down this road.  I should probably also mention that both boys have been sick this last week and so on top of being burnt out I have been really tired which is definitely not the best combo.  I was starting to have visions of driving to the airport and getting on the next plane that was going someplace sunny.

It got me thinking about all areas of life personally and professionally.  You are making your calls and sending note cards and doing your real estate reviews and at some pont it just feels like you are merely going through the motions.  You are doing all of these things because you went to some class and the instructor sold you on this is what you need to do to succeed, but at the moment nothing really seems to be happening and you are starting to doubt the whole thing.  Trust me, as passionate as I am about doing these things with ample personal experience to back them up and know that they work, I still have these thoughts so know that you are not alone.

So what do you do when you are in the middle of feeling like that?  For me, I game myself permission to check out for a few hours to recharge.  I actually came home and took a nap which made me feel better, but also felt completely indulgent which was great.  Then, on the way to my afternoon appointment (a massage) I found an ACDC disc in my car I had forgotten was there and totally rocked out.  It was great!  I made a few FORD calls (I did turn down the music for those) and then in the evening I went for a walk with the family and played with the kids at the park.  The cool part is that during all of this I got an email from a client with a referral!  Who knows what will happen with that, but I figure that either way it is the Universe throwing me a bone and giving me a gentle reminder that I’m on the right path and it is all worth it.

So the next time this happens to you, take a step back and do whatever it is you need to do to recharge and then get right back on the horse and keep moving forward.  The rewards are there, you just need to keep moving forward a bit more each day.

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  1. NicoleHappel on March 18, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    I totally love this one, Nicole! My jaw dropped when I read that you actually went home and took a nap. YOU? Superwoman takes down time?

    I remember taking a nap in the middle of my work day. It was probably about two years ago. I was feeling burnt out and was pretty caught up with everything at the office. So I gave myself permission to check out, go home and rest , while my daughter was still in school and the house was quiet. Not only did I feel so relaxed from that, I actually got a past client referral during that period. Perhaps the universe is telling us something…that there is value in EVERYTHING we do, whether nurturing our clients or nurturing ourselves!

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