There May Not Be Any New Information Out There, But There Are Infinite New Ways To Apply It

I am in the process of reading ‘The Laws of Success’ by Napoleon Hill.  He made the comment that there is no new information to be discovered in the realm of achieving success and your goals.  I have heard this before and truly if you read a lot of books or materials on achieving your goals not matter what area of your life it is in, there really isn’t anything new out there.  In many ways it is different people relaying the same information in different ways.  So why continue to read or attend classes or put effort into continuing to strive for something bigger and greater?  Why not just give up, if you haven’t figured out how to apply it by now, it probably just isn’t going to happen for you right?  WRONG!!!

I believe that yes, it may be true that the basics of accomplishing a goal have been the same since the beginning of time, but sometimes hearing someone else say something you have already heard in a slightly different manner or on a day where you are more receptive to the information makes that light bulb go off in your head and provides the insight you need at that very moment to move forward to the next phase of your goal.

I also believe that there are an infinite number of new ways to combine the information and apply it that makes it exciting.  Think I am rambling here and not really getting where I am going with all of this?  Here is a personal example.  When I was at one of the Ninja retreats in Ft Collins last October, Larry was talking about  how agents go through the process of listing a house and that they do the right things but in the wrong order.  For example a traditional agent will meet a seller, determine the price, and get the house on the market.  Then as feedback comes back that is not favorable they will have the seller make adjustments to the house, clean up clutter, etc.  Once they get an offer, the buyer will do the inspection and they will cross their fingers and hope for the best.  The result being a longer market time for the seller because the house wasn’t show ready, likely a lower sales price and lots of stress while waiting for the buyer to do their inspection and decide if they are in or out.  A Ninja agent however does all of these same things, but in a different order.  They meet with the seller, have them clean up or ‘stage’ the house, do a pre listing inspection so that they know exactly what is going on with the house and then decide on pricing and marketing before going on the market which typically results in a quicker sale, for more money and less stress for the seller.  Same things, done in a different order and presenting a different result.

As I was listening to Larry talk about this I got to thinking about how this applies to other areas of my life as well.   I realized that it has to do with our personal investment plan and my love to designer shoes.  I have to admit that I absolutely LOVE shoes.  Especially designer shoes.  I have shoes by Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo, and more.  While I absolutely love wearing them, given that most of my life outside of work is spent chasing down a 2 and 4 year old, they are probably not the smartest purchases I have ever made.  And let’s be real, they are pretty expensive.  Gary, my husband, and I have been pretty good at investing, but I always feel like there should be more money available to invest than is there for the income that we make.  Sitting there listening to Larry I realized that I was doing the right things, but in the wrong order.  I have been buying shoes and investing with the money that is left over which doesn’t ever seem to be that much.  Practical or not, I don’t have any intention of giving up my shoe habit, but it did help me realize that I could come up with a different approach.  So now Gary and I have specific investment goals and each time we reach one I get to purchase a pair of designer shoes.  It may take longer to build the collection, but it will be worth it.

So take a look around in your life and see how you can apply some of those wise, time tested pearls of wisdom in new ways that will have a profound effect.  And in the meantime, please send me LOTS of referrals.  I have the prefect pair of shoes already picked out.

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