Hang In There, It Will Pay Off ~ I Promise!

Wow, I don’t  know what happened in the last week, but all of a sudden I am super busy with Real Estate again.  Yahoo!!!  I have talked to a couple of other agents who have experienced the same thing so hopefully that means there is something in the air for all of us.

OK so you may be thinking ‘well whoop de do, who cares that you are getting busy, my business is still quiet as can be’.  So what gives?  Well here is the honest truth, everyone that I talked do, myself included, commented that we were really starting to get discouraged right before the phone began to ring again.  For all of us we acknowledged that we were doing the right things with making calls, staying in touch with clients, doing our mailings, etc and not seeing any results.  Just when we were starting to think that all of this is bull s*#@ it started to work.   The reality is that this feeling is not a function of this market.  All of us talked about going through this cycle on a regular basis in our business and laughed that you would think we would have learned to stay the course and have faith in the system by now.  Oh well.  Maybe we will figure it out the next time around.

The other common thread was realizing that you can’t get too caught up in the details of how the business shows up.  You may call one set of people and then get a referral from someone that you haven’t talked to in years.  Does that mean you are doing it wrong?  No, your job is to keep it all in motion and keep the energy flowing, the universe will decide how the results show up.  So have a little faith and get that vibe going.


  1. Janet on April 3, 2009 at 11:02 pm

    You are right! Keep the energy flowing and it will show up, usually just in time:-)

  2. Diane Ginthner on April 4, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    How true. It is not always where the business came from, but the fact that you are present to take advantage of it. By staying in contact in the moment we are ready for anything!

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