Do The I Did It Dance

I started doing the ‘I did it dance’ after Alex was born.  It became my way to celebrate those oh so precious accomplishments ~ changing a diaper without getting pee’d on (if you have a boy, you know exactly what I mean), getting a decent nights sleep, taking him out for our first walk, getting all the way through the grocery store with him in the carrier and not having to carry him in one arm and load the cart with another, showing up to a meeting without snot or who knows what else on my clothes.

At first Gary resisted the ‘I did it dance’ because he equates it to excessive celebration in the end zone. (again with the sports analogies, I know) But it I live for the ‘I did it dance’, it is all about personal victories and accomplishments and has nothing to do with beating someone else at something.  So now we all do it.  Alex does it when we hits the baseball across the cul de sac, Ryan did it last night just because.  It was pretty funny to see him running around the house in just his diaper singing ‘I did it, I did it, I did it, did it, did it’.  The best part about it is that it is contagious and usually looks so funny that it makes everyone else in the room laugh and start dancing around the room too.

So celebrate the small victories each day and don’t be afraid to break out in an I did it dance of your own.

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