Success Is Never The Same The Second Time Around

Have you ever tried to loose weight by following a diet plan and had really amazing success only to fall off the wagon and when you tried it again it didn’t seem to work as well?  Why is that?  Doesn’t it seem like it should be the other way around?

My theory is that the first time, you don’t know what you don’t know so you move forward in blind faith and the second time around you are too busy comparing this time to the last time to see if they are the same.  Both of my pregnancies were good and easy ones, but very different.  With Alex, my first, I was content to just cruise along with being pregnant.  Since it was my first time I really didn’t have any idea what to expect so I just took each day and experience as it came.  Yes, I had my neurotic moments of wanting to go to the hospital to hear the heart beat every day, but all in all it was pretty easy.  Then came Ryan.  Again an easy pregnancy but I constantly worried am I gaining more weight than before?  Does Ryan move the same amount that Alex did?  Ryan moves more at night than during the day and Alex moved more during the day than at night, does that mean anything?  Ryan is sitting lower than Alex did, does that matter?  He punches but doesn’t really kick, whereas Alex kicked but didn’t really punch.  I can go on for days, but the point is that they were both successful pregnancies while also being completely different.

The same thing is going on in real estate right now.  Real estate is different now than it was 2 years ago, or even six months ago. That does not meant that you can not have the same success that you did before.  It just meants that it will come differently.  Stop using all of the same tools that you did before and start tweaking and re-evaluating what you do and implementing new things.  Evolution is essential to your continued success.  Take classes and talk to other agents to find out what is working for them.  Really pay attention to what you are doing to see if it is still effective in todays market.  Are you getting calls from your mailers?  Are you prepping your listings to make them shine in this market?  What is the logic that you are using when you are negotiating with a Seller or Buyer and is it relevant to today’s market conditions?  I know that so many of us are heads down just trying to get it done right now. We don’t have the assistants and help that we had before so each day can feel like a race just to get everything done. Take a few moments each day though to life your head above the fog and take a look at what is going on around you and decide what is working and what isn’t.  Success is still possible and even greater success than before, but you may have to change the path on which you get there.

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