In Each Moment Look For Something To Feel Good About

After 13 years in Real Estate my business still comes in waves.  There are all sorts of classes that you can take to ‘conquer’ the wave and have consistency in your business.  While I have grown my business steadily over the years, the waves are still there.  Over time I have come to embrace them.  It is great to be super busy, but I also love the times when I am slower and can fit in a long lunch with a girlfriend or a massage appointment in the middle of the day so really it’s all good.  I must admit, though, that even though I have come to find the good in the waves, I still always have that bit of panic as a business wave tapers off and I wonder where my next clients will come from.

I am just finishing up a super busy business wave, tying up loose ends and finishing up a closing or two.  Now that I am not as busy with the day to day of those transactions I feel like I am ready to take on more clients again.  However, they do not seem to have gotten the memo yet!  Hmm…  Yesterday was Monday and I was working on a few things at my computer and then really got to the end of what I needed to do for that day and it was only 10:30.  I found myself thinking ‘I have checked my email 3 times in the last 10 minutes where in the heck are those clients?’  As I started to feel my energy shift and get more anxious I knew that it was time to get out of the office.  I previewed some houses that I had been meaning to check out, moved up my physical therapy appointment to Monday instead of later in the week, went to Costco and got caught up with some friends.  Not a hugely productive work day, but I did get some things done and kept myself focused on things other than weather or not my phone was ringing with new business.

Last night I was reading my new Abraham Hicks Book about the Law of Attraction (These guys are the ultimate guru’s when it comes to this stuff.  Check out their web site at for more information).  In there Ester said that from the moment she wakes up she looks for something in that moment to feel good about and just continues that all day long.  So I decided to try it today.  Usually I am so focused on my goals and what I want to accomplish that I feel that I am bound to think about those things weather they are making me feel good, stressed, sad, or what not.  So today I have been focusing only on finding something that makes me feel good in each moment.  I must admit, I haven’t had any new clients show up just yet, but I did have a listing agent call regarding an offer that my buyer had submitted on their property last week and did not come together and it sounds like the seller might be seeing things our way after all.  And the true reason that I know I am on to something … someone brought in coconut cream pie to the office today ~ my absolute favorite!

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