Maybe I’m Just Not That Funny?!

I like to think that I am witty with a great sense of humor and while I am usually pretty confident about this I have started to doubt myself in the last few days.  My Mom has been visiting and we started chatting about how odd it is to see some of your own traits show up in your children.  Case in point:

~ Rumor has it that I used to take forever to put to sleep as a child.  A definite issue in our house currently.  The other night the kids stayed up until 10pm because we had people over.  I thought for sure that they would both be exhausted and fall right asleep.  Silly mommy!  For the next 45 minutes I would put Ryan in bed and then he would get right back up and walk back into the living room.  Every now and then he would mix it up and pretend he was a frog and hop back into the living room.  Okay, that was mildly funny.
~ Our attempts at authority are often thwarted by both boys, but Alex especially.  When Alex acts up at home Gary will ask him if that is how he acts at school.  When Alex thought Gary was being a bit harsh last week Alex finally asked him if that was how he treats people at the office?  I had to leave the room on that one I was laughing so hard.
~ When I am trying to pick Ryan up and get him ready to leave in the morning he makes me chase him around the kitchen island while yelling ‘nah nah boo boo’.  Okay that one was from my sister.  I remember her making my mom chase her around the kitchen island after she got in trouble for something growing up.

Okay so maybe these things are all just a wee bit funny.  All I know is that when they snuggle up in my arms and tell me that I am the best mommy ever, it’s all good.  I don’t even mind that they ask me for a new toy 5 seconds later.

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