Since When Is 36 Over The Hill?

I realize that the cut off age for over the hill is subjective and conveniently gets moved out as we age ourselves.  Thank goodness for that!  However, I would like to think that anyone above the age of about 18 would not consider 36 over the hill.  I certainly felt like it today though.

I was in a brainstorming meeting with for the company floorplan online ~ a side note here, they are based in the Seattle area, but their services are available thought the country and they are AMAZING!  Check them out at  They will come in and do a detailed floorplan of your property, including individual room dimensions, along with some amazing quality photographs and send you all of this information to upload to where ever you would like along with building a seriously slick virtual tour.  They even have a cool feature where the floorplan has camera icons on it and clicking on the various icon gives you a picture of the room from that vantage point.  A HUGE point of difference for you as an agent when you are sitting down with a seller and buyers love it too.  Espcially if you are in an area with a lot of people relocating in and out of the area.  Not to mention the  fact that you can get all of this for equal to or less than you are probably paying your current photographer.   Trust me, you have to check this thing out!

So anyway, I was sitting in this meeting with 6 other agents and we were giving the owner feedback about look and layout and what we thought would be helpful for the client as they were viewing things and then someone started talking about linking, viral marketing, social media, and mobile platforms.  Seriously, I can barely work facebook and have yet to figure out twitter.  Admittedly if you start talking about these things, I can keep up, but they are definitely beyond my area of expertise.  I know enough about computers to get my things done for my business, but over and above that, I’m out.  It was pretty funny to look around the room as the conversation took a turn to the technical.  There were several of us whose eyes just glazed over as a handful of other agents really got excited about the topic and all of the options.

So I may not be over the hill, but I am definitely out of the loop on some of these things.  I must admit, though, my philosophy is to just connect with as many people as possible and somewhere along the way I am bound to find out some good info.  After all, that’s how I found out about floorplan online.   So when they do come out with their spiffy mobile platform know that I will be using it but really have no idea what it is all about, and oddly enough, I’m ok with that.

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