Finish What You Start

As I looked around the house yesterday after a weekend of ‘working around the house’ all I could see were half done projects.  Toys in the yard that we took out there to spray off with the hose but then never put back after they were dry, the kids golf clubs next to the bag but not in them, garden tools scattered all over the yard, furniture half moved for the carpet cleaner and the list goes on…

No wonder I feel stressed out when I am at home!  With a 2 and a 4 year old it is pretty common to get distracted mid project and my nature is to be a bit of a tornado with lots of things going at one time, but finishing what I start has become paramount to me.  Leaving something half done means that it is STILL on the to do list, draining your energy and looks like crap in the meantime. (in fact it usually looks worse than before you started because now you have stuff spread out everywhere) Often finishing the project or just putting everything away when you are done only takes a few more seconds so force yourself to do it and you will be amazed at how free you feel knowing that when you walk away it is done and you can move on to something else, guilt free!

So fold the laundry, call back your buyer, truly finish that CMA you have been working on so that you don’t have to try and wing it last minute and get that mailing done, then get outside and enjoy the sun and reward yourself for a job well DONE.

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