Watch Those Facebook Posts And Tweets

Facebook and Twitter have become the new way to connect for many of us.  Not only are they convenient, but they allow us to keep in touch with so many more people than we ever could before.  And tell the truth, it’s always fun to see how everyone from high school turned out.

There has been much debate about weather Facebook and Twitter should be solely personal or a mix of business and personal and what makes for an appropriate post when it comes to business.  Just remember that everything you put there  is public and has the potential to reach way beyond just your ‘friend’ base.  I have seen agents post things about their frustrations with clients and things not working out.  These are NOT the place to vent these frustrations.  It is only a matter of time before we see a lawsuit as a result of a post that someone considers a breach of confidentiality and fiduciary duty.  So think twice before posting anything work related.  (this also goes for the ‘I got drunker than you did’ posts) If someone took that and forwarded directly to your client do you think they would be okay with that?  If you are in the least bit hesitant then DO  NOT post it.

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