When Building Relationships Don’t Overlook Other Agents

You stay in touch with clients, friends and relatives and seize any opportunity to network with other people in the community, but what about other real estate agents?  Do you view them as friends or just the competition?

I am starting to think that we don’t spend nearly enough time building relationships with other agents both in our market and outside.  Certainly out of area agents may make sense because there could be referral fees, but what about agents in your own back yard?  We all know that as an agent when you are involved in a transaction the other agent can make all of the difference.  It may seem like a thing of the past in many areas of the country, but we are starting to see multiple offers here in the Seattle market (granted they are not going for $50,000 over asking like they were before, but buyers are competing for properties).  I had a buyer get a house this week that had a tremendous amount of interest. and I believe that a large part of the agents willingness to work with is that I have known her for over 15 years and we both know that we have similar work philosophies.   As I look back over my career I can think of many instances where my buyers have gotten properties partially due to my relationship with the other agent and as a listing agent I always breathe a sigh of relief when I know the other agent well.  So don’t rush around the office with your head down and blaze through brokers opens without even glancing at the other agent.  Take the time to say hello and connect with them.  You never know when it will turn out to be helpful to both of you!

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