Get The Word Out, Things ARE Selling!

I just sent out a postcard to my clients this last week and was literally amazed at the results.  Not only did I get some great new business calls out of it, but some of the feedback showed me just how mis informed much of the public is regarding today’s market.

My last 3 listings sold with multiple offers ~ Woohoo!  Granted they didn’t all go for $50,000 over the asking price like the ‘good old days’, but multiple offers means that there are legitimate buyers out there in the market place and a shortage of good, quality listings.  I have run into it several times in the last few weeks, when I take a buyers actual criteria and then narrow down the list of what is available based on there, there is surprisingly little out there to get excited about.

The postcard that I sent out was titled ‘Triple Play’ (another sports reference, I know!) and had pictures of my last 3 listings that sold on the front and verbiage on the back regarding each of them having multiple offers and asking people to call me if they are thinking about selling so that I can put my proven techniques to work for them.  I had half a dozen clients call me literally amazed that anything was selling.  They were still under the impression that nothing is moving in our market place when the exact opposite is true.  Pendings have been climbing dramatically for the last 3 months.  Yes, things are still selling for less than they would have 2 years ago.  But they are selling.  I also believe that while we may be on the road to recovery, it will be slow and steady, not fast and furious so anyone that sells today is not going to look back 2 years from now and wish they would have held on to make more money.

For buyers, they are feeling more confident in the market as a whole as they see others taking the leap to purchase properties which builds overall confidence.  They also have the benefit of low interest rates, a tax credit if they are first time home buyers and access to home values equal to 2-3 years ago.  It is a perfect mix.

The media reports on the real estate market constantly, some of it is good and some not so good.  Don’t leave it up to chance that your clients are actually finding the articles that pertain to their market.  A side note and major pet peeve of mine is that living in Seattle, Washington which is a good sized area our newspapers real estate articles are often on areas in California, or Florida or goodness knows where.  But very rarely from Seattle so the stats quoted in those articles are not a true representation of what is going here.  So be the advocate your client needs and tell them what is really going on.  A postcard takes 10 minutes to upload some pictures on the front and write something about the market on the back so get it done today and you will be amazed at the results!

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