It’s All About The List

When I was pregnant, my friend Kim told me to write everything down in a list and then put all of my energy into remembering where the list was!  For me I was pretty on top of things pregnant, it was after having kids that I noticed myself getting more scatterbrained and distracted.  ‘The List’ has made all of the difference.

Last night I was starting to get frazzled thinking about all of the things that I wanted to get done today and trying to make sure that I remembered them all.  Finally, rather than letting all of that stuff spin around in my head and make me nutty I just started jotting it all down on paper so that I had an action plan for the next day.  It worked like a charm.  As soon as everything was on paper it gave me permission to forget about it and go back to having fun with the kids.  Now I’m up and at ’em for the day and all I need to do is start checking things off the list.

So the next time you are feeling a bit frazzled take a minute to write it all down and you will be amazed at how instantly you feel the relief of not having to worry about it.  Just don’t forget where you put the list.

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