A Great Way To Connect With Your Clients

I was chatting with my good friend and fellow Realtor Kelly Pangborn the other day and she was kind enough to share with me something that has been very successful for her this year.  We are always looking for ways to stay connect to our clients, but let’s face it~ time gets away from us, we are not really sure what to do and the whole thing gets a bit intimidating.  Kelly and her business partner along with their lender have been doing quarterly happy hours where they invite their clients to come and get their real estate and financing questions answered.

What a great idea!  It is a fun, non threatening way to connect with people and a great way to meet with multiple people at a time.  Kelly said that in the beginning she was nervous about doing it at a bar / restaurant and thought they should do it at the office, but the informal atmosphere has really worked.  People love stopping by to catch up and ask any questions that they might have.  The whole thing just ends up being a lot of fun.  Kelly and her crew pick a different restaurant each time in a slightly different location based on where their clients live.  They show up early to grab the table and order the appetizers and then their clients typically pay for their own drinks so the entire thing is really cost effective.  They have a larger book on the table that they put together showing the overall activity in the area and then they have packets that each person can take away with some Real Estate information as well as some financing information.

They have tried mailing the invitations and also emailing them and both seem to have good results.  They have had anywhere from 6 – 20 people there at any one time.   Here is a copy of the invitation that they send out as a pdf attachment.  This just seems like a lot of fun and easy to do.  No real prep on your part, you are there with your lender so you have moral support and no matter what you get to try a happy hour at a new restaurant.  What can be so bad about that.

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