Beware The Snot Factor

It has gotten much better, but when the boys were little and I would give them their snuggles good bye in the morning I would inevitably be in a meeting later in the day and look down only to notice that my shoulder was covered in snot from one of them.  Not exactly the professional image that I am trying to portray, but what can you do.

So right about now you are probably wondering how I can turn a post about runny noses into something worth your time to read and relevant to your business.  Well here it goes.  I can’t stand taking care of details.  I have a complete and utter respect for them, because I know it is in taking care of the details that I am great at what I do and help my clients accomplish their goals.  That being said, I do not want to be the one to do them.  I find attending to details to be tedious and usually a big time sucker since I tend to procrastinate about them for at least twice as long as it actually takes me to do them.

But here is what gets me through and motivates me to get them done.  It is in the details that we are referable.  The more I take care of, the more excited my clients are likely to be enthralled with my service.  So my goal is to take care of EVERY detail that I can possibly think of for each and every client.  Partly because I know that inevitably I will miss something (the snot on my shoulder) so if I have taken care of everything else, then chances are whatever was missed was very small and either now doesn’t matter or will be an easy remedy.  So if the details bog you down, take a deep breath and see them through. Chances are you will be done with them before you know it.

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