Holiday Season Networking Reminder

Today is the start of the 4th quarter which means that the holiday season  will soon be upon us.  This post was sent to my by Todd Fields of The Group Inc, in Ft. Collins Colorado.  ( / 970-218-3535).  It has some tremendously value advice going into the holiday season, and for every interaction that you have during the day.

Hello NINJA’S!


We are heading into the holiday season and Larry reminded us about the importance of networking at the functions we will attend.


Go with an intention to meet people.  Bring cards and get ready to ask the FORD questions.  In order to listen and refrain from speaking about the coolest person in the room…usually the Realtor talking about his/her self…. make sure you have your elevator pitch ready to go.  Practice answering the following within 30 seconds:

                1.  Who do you help?

                2.  How do you help them?

                3.  What results do you provide?


Then you can proceed to ask the FORD and let them tell you about themselves, their family, job situation etc.


Some tips from the agents in the room on how to meet people:


A.  At the entrance scan the name tags and look for people you want to meet and wait for their appearance.  Don’t go hang around your friends and/or bar, stay by the front and become the first person the guests see.  BE SEEN, greet them when they are advancing towards you and you are not chasing them.


B.  Bring someone new to the community or event, it causes you to mingle and introduce your guest – BE SEEN.


C.  Be consistent and show up – on time.  Make sure to follow through with your intentions, don’t flake out like most people. 


Where do the agents go to network?

                holiday parties

                sports events

                United Way

                Respite Care

                get on a Board of Directors


                take people on fishing, hiking, biking etc  trips

                weekly game of the week with a group of people


                school events

                belong to the upgraded area for local events.  For instance at Colorado State University belong to the Ramshorn club and mingle with the people who make things happen in the community


                work the spectators during sporting events for the local teams (soccer, lacrosse, football etc) and get to know the parents

                book club




The 2 resounding themes I heard was 1.  BE CONSISTENT!  The people need to see you care and you are in it for the long haul, not a flash in the pan looking for business.  The second philosophy comes directly from the Ninja book:


If you are going to be there,



Be in the moment, focus on the person you are talking to and remember to use the ratio of your two ears to the one mouth proportionately.


Take care and happy selling!

~ Thanks Todd for sharing all of these great ideas!  Wishing you all much success this Holiday season.

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