I AM A Good Parent, REALLY I Am!

Three weeks ago when the weather started to change and the leaves were swirling on the ground in the wind I thought it was wonderful.  The briskness in the air, the colors of the leaves, I even didn’t mind  the rain.  Two weeks ago cold and flu season hit and not I think fall friggin’ sucks!  Ryan got sick and then Alex and of course so did I.  We took all last week off from work and school which wasn’t too bad.  I enjoyed my time snuggling with the boys, but now I just want my time back.  For the last two mornings I have found myself making deals with Alex before school.  “Mom, I don’t feel so great” … “Can you make it a half day, I promise to make you the best cup of hot chocolate EVER after I pick you up?” … “Okay, I guess so”.

Seriously, not parenting at it’s finest, but it is October and we are looking at another 4-6 months of this stuff.  I feel like I am just trying to get some traction in my day and torn between genuinely wanting to stay home and snuggle with the boys and wanting to earn some money which helps pay for the house that we get to snuggle in.  Of course as I type that I am also feeling guilty for not being able to put the entire world on hold and spend every waking moment with my boys.  URGH!  So I’m off to buy 8 billion milligrams of vitamin C and anything else that promises to boost my immune system as well as the boys so that we can keep the train moving.

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