What Is Your Story? Hint: It Can Be ANYTHING You Want

Esther Hicks who writes the Art of Allowing books by Abraham had a great insight the other day as I was listening to one of her cd’s.  She labeled the Law of Attraction as the Art of Telling a different story.  That is so true!

We are all so caught up in our stories and how TRUE they are.  Ever notice someone that has something going wrong in their life and the fact that they need to share it with everyone that will listen?  They put so much emotion into telling the story because, well, it’s true isn’t it?  I’m not here to tell you otherwise regarding your past, but what I do know is that just because it might be true today, doesn’t mean it has to be true tomorrow.  So maybe take a break from telling that story and come up with a new one.  What do you want your story to be?  What would it look like, smell like, taste like?

What you focus on expands so could the mere act of telling your story differently to yourself and those around you be enough to cause the change?  You might be thinking, but I’m broke, are you saying that I should start telling people that I am wealthy even though right now I’m not?  Maybe not, but you could find something else to feel good about and tell that story instead.  Maybe your kids did something really cute over the weekend.  Don’t you think people would rather hear that story than you whine about something negative?  And in the meantime, when you think about money, maybe you can focus on things like ‘isn’t it great that there are so many opportunities to make money available to me’,I like knowing that the business is coming and that I am ready for it.’

So have some fun with this.  It may feel a bit funny at first, but practice telling your story the way that you want it to be, regardless of what it may be in the moment.  The better you get at it, the faster things show up.

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