A Great Idea For Your Kids

My sister in law, Suzanne, is incredibly creative.  She makes these amazing scrap books for the kids that are so thoughtfully put together with all sorts of fun embellishments.  She has started a tradition that she does one for each of her nieces and nephews and they get it on their 16th birthday.  They always look so forward to getting their scrap books and the whole family looks at them and reminisces over all of the pictures.  I am not that Mom.  I am marginally creative when it comes to things like that, but would so love for my boys to have something when they are older from me that makes them feel special and lets them know how much I love them.

My girlfriend Debbie had a great idea!  She started writing a journal to her son when he was born and is still doing it 8 years later.  I love it!    I just picked up 2 journals, one for Alex and one for Ryan.  It has really been fun to write notes to the boys in them about what they are doing now and things that I remember about them when they were even younger.  I figured that even if I just write in each journal once a month that is 12 letters a year to my boys that they will have later on.

Thank you so much Debbie for that idea!

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