Get Some Sleep And Eat Something Healthy ~ NOW!

As you are on the home stretch for Christmas this week and likely trying to do it with the kids home from school, chances are things are getting a bit nutty for you.  Or at least they are for me and I am hoping that I am not alone in this.  It has been a great holiday season here at the Hartnett house, probably one of our best ever with just having fun celebrating with people that we enjoy and getting to do some fun things, but the reality is that even with all of that fun, real life still happens which means Gary and I still need to go to work and the house needs to be maintained, etc.  Add to that the fact that I have been living on a diet of Christmas cookies and red wine the last 2 weeks  means that this week the wheels started to come off.  (Just a wee bit)

I couldn’t figure out why I was getting short tempered, tired, my skin is breaking out and worst of all, my pants are getting tight!  What the heck, no one told me there were calories in these cookies.  I thought that was one of the miracles of Christmas.  Christ was born and we could eat and drink whatever we wanted for a month without any adverse effects.  Hmmm, apparently I was misinformed on the second miracle.

When I get like this, I start thinking that drastic measures need to be taken and surely I must need to rework my entire life because my current plan of action has failed miserably.  Come on, I know you have been there.  We can all admit to a class we have taken or book we have bought or something else that we have done that was SURELY going to have the answer and turn it all around for us.

Well, I am here to tell you that sometimes all you need is a good nights sleep, a  great workout in the morning a full day of not eating any junk food.   Chances are that will do more than anything else to get you back on track.  So I know that you are making your list and checking it twice to ensure that the holiday is perfect for those around you, but make sure that you enjoy it too.  Commit to getting a good nights sleep tonight and see how that makes you feel in the morning.

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