The Average Person Watches 31 Hours Of TV A Week! WTF!!!

According to Neilsen research, on average people watch 31 hours of TV a week.  What the hell people?!  And then people wonder why there isn’t enough time in the day and they can’t get ahead in life.  9 more hours and it would be like having a second full time job.

Speaking of jobs and the fact that I am guessing that most people who watch that much TV also have a fair amount of debt given that their cable bill alone is probably $250 a month so that they can have all of the channels ~ get off your butt and get a part time job to pay off that debt!  You could work 20 hours a week and still have 11 hours left to watch TV.

Hopefully if you are reading this blog you are not in that category.  But regardless no matter how much TV you watch I guarantee you that you could be watching less.  Make 2010 your year to get ahead and commit to replacing some of your TV watching time with reading, ideally something that is non fiction.  Here is another fascinating statistic.  If you read a non fiction book this year and you are not in school you will be in part of the 1/2 of 1 percent of the population that does so.  (And we are concerned about foreigners taking over our country.  With stats like these I would venture to say we are giving it to them.)  So make a decision right now and decide which one of these groups you want to be in and choose to direct your own future, one book at a time rather than one sitcom at a time.

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