10 Tips To Double Your Business In 2010: Tip 5

Today’s tip is to meet new people

Being a successful business person requires that you meet new people and grow your sphere on a regular basis.  This can be intimidating, especially if you are introvert, but there are lots of ways to do it and not hyperventilate in the process.

Here are a couple of ideas:

~ Chances are there are people in your life that you are already connected to that you have not brought into your Real Estate circle.  Friends, neighbors, people from various groups that you are in, etc.  I’m not saying that you should go out and basically ‘spam’ everyone that you know with real estate stuff, but you can build those relationships and include them in your circle over time.  My general rule of thumb is that each time I have a meaningful business conversation with someone then I add them to the list for my mailings, etc.
~ Join groups that pertain to your hobbies.  Do what makes you happy ~ join a running group, take yoga classes, cooking classes, book club, etc.  Not only will you be doing something that makes you happy, but you will also be connecting with people that have similar interests which will just help to increase the bond between you.
~ Get involved with the community.  Volunteer on committees that interest you.  The Boys and Girls Club, arts organizations, etc are great ways to be involved.
~ When you are at a function with a group of people, make it a point to have a conversation with someone new rather than the same group that you talk to over and over again.

The great part about selling real estate is that EVERYONE is interested in it so it will always work itself into the conversation.  Your job is to be present in the conversation and truly connect to the person you are talking to.  The old adage is still true, that in order to be interesting you need to be interested in others.  Find out what makes them tick and you will be well on your way to expanding your database with great new clients

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