10 Tips To Double Your Business In 2010: Tip 8

Today’s tip is to be accountable to someone about your goals and pay attention to what you are reading and listening to.

The reality is that we all get off track on a regular basis. Weather it is a goal to get in better shape, increase your business, etc we usually start off with great ambition and then eventually end up falling off the wagon somewhere along the way.  This happens to everyone.  The difference between those that succeed and those that flounder is how quickly you can get back on track and continue along the way.  Don’t beat yourself up for getting off track, just recognize it, make the necessary adjustments and move on.

The other thing that I have found along the way is that you get off track in small increments and so it can take a while before you actually realize that you are off course. This is where an accountability partner comes in.  If you are meeting with someone on a regular basis, they will help you notice when you are off track more quickly and will help you get refocused again faster.

Find someone that you trust to be honest with you about where you are at with your goals and meet with them regularly.  Ideally once a week to check in on what you did last week towards reaching your goals / what is on tap for this week and where are you on the continuum of achieving your goals.  Your accountability partner can help you talk through new ideas to see if they will help you and can remind you when you off track and need to refocus.

In addition to being accountable to someone, what you read and what you listen to can make a big difference in helping you achieve your goals.  If you read a non fiction book this year and you are not in formalized schooling, you will be in 1/2 of one percent of the country that does so this year.  Continually reading and learning new things is tremendously helpful in expanding your thoughts and finding new ways of accomplishing your goals.  I am always blown away by Larry Kendall, the founder of The Group and leader of the Ninja Selling classes.  He is constantly reading and attending lectures to learn new things.  It is true, we do not stay the same ~ we are either growing or shrinking our abilities so make sure that you take a few minutes each day to read something new to ensure that you are in the growth group.

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