10 Tips To Double Your Business In 2010: Tip 9

Today’s tip is to get face to face as often as possible

If you started on day 1 of the 10 tips then you should be 9 ‘extra’ phone calls into your year.  It may not sound like much, but if you keep it up, I guarantee you that the return will be exponential.

So now that you are getting more comfortable on the phone, it is time to take things one step further and get face to face with people.  In his book “The Answer”, John Assaraf states that people who make over $500,000 a year spend 80% of their time face to face with people. So before you hyperventilate, thinking that you are already over loaded and how on earth are you going to make time for all of the one on one here are some thoughts:

~ Lunches are a great way to get face to face with people, but expand your definition of lunches.  Have people over for dinner, meet some clients for happy  hour, get together with the other Mom’s in your child’s class for a girls night, sponsor a BBQ for the class where the whole family comes and you get to talk to the parents, meet a client for a walk or coffee.  If you are taking your kids to the zoo, send out a note to your clients and friends that also have kids for an impromptu meet up.  Maybe you are involved in a book club or things at school with your kids.  ALL of that counts.

~ Always maximize your time. If you are meeting one client for lunch think about who else you both know and invite them as well.  Now you are having lunch with 2 people instead of just one.

~ Be aware as you go through the day. I had a great time yesterday. The weather was nice so I walked up to school to pick up the boys and ran into one of the other Mom’s who lives close to us so we walked home together and the boys enjoyed an spur of the moment play date and she and I had a great chance to chat.

~ Just remember, you don’t always need to be talking real estate, but you do need to be talking to people.

~ With regards to real estate though, just because you can fax and email documents to your clients doesn’t mean that you should.  Maybe it is a simple addendum in a transaction and it would be easier and faster to just email it to your clients and have them email it back, but take the time to go and meet with them.  They will remember that.  It makes them feel important and like they matter. It also gives them time to ask questions or voice concerns which they would not be doing in an email.  I admit that I used to take the easy road a lot and just send things via email, but once I started getting in front of my clients, transactions started to get much smoother and my clients became raving fans.

So get out there and do it.  Just remember ~ having 1 extra face to face conversation a day with someone can make all of the difference.

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