10 Tips To Double Your Business In 2010:Tip 6

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity

Today’s tip is to preview at least 10 properties a week

You can not be successful in real estate if you don’t know your market.  I must admit that I have not always been diligent about previewing and staying on top of the market.  Before when things were so busy it didn’t seem like there was time, and I was working with enough clients that I was in and out of several properties a week by default.  Last year I made the effort to ensure that I was in at least 10 properties a week and it made all of the difference in my business.  I felt that much more prepared for impromptu conversations regarding the market and there were a number of times that I would preview various homes and come out excited about the tremendous values available to Buyer’s so it motivated me to make those extra calls to generate business.

So where do you preview?  Take a look at your hot and warm lists.  Start with those on your hot list and make sure that you know everything about the competition for your Sellers and preview any viable options for your Buyers.  Then move on to your warm list.  Preview comparables for someone that is thinking about selling so that when you get the phone call that they are ready to list you can talk intelligently from the beginning about what is going on around them.  If you have a Buyer that is a couple of months out, go ahead and start previewing.  You might run across something that is perfect for them.  Then you can call them and let them know that you came across something that might be worth them taking a look at.

No matter what you look at, you will be more prepared to speak with your clients intelligently.  It will boost your confidence and is guaranteed to win you business.

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