How Would You Answer Einstein’s Question?

‘Is this a friendly Universe’

Today was one of those days for me.  I woke up late and didn’t get in my hour and a half of computer time before the boys woke up so I just felt like I was behind the power curve from the beginning. I could feel myself starting to get spun out about having too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

But then I thought about Einstein’s question…  One affirmation that I have always believed is that ‘the Universe always takes care of me’.  I know this to be true, 100%.  In every area of my life, things always work out.  That doesn’t mean that everything happens exactly the way I want them to at precisely the right moment, but when I look back I see that they worked out just fine and I always got what I ultimately wanted out of the situation.

So with my definitive YES answer to the question about weather or not the Universe is friendly, I decided to ask the Universe for a little help today. You can call this saying a prayer, or whatever works for you, but for me it is just putting something out there and then waiting for the answer.  They answered immediately.

~An agent at our office meeting volunteered to hold one of my listings open this weekend
~Gary was able to pick up the kids when my clients ran late
~ An offer came in on a listing of mine and the house is about 40 minutes from my office, but it turned out that the Seller had a meeting just down the street from my office so they were able to come to me rather than me driving out to the house
~I mentioned to a fellow agent this morning that one of my main goals right now is to focus on keeping in touch with people that I know and not just falling into the vortex of only working on things for my current clients, which keeps me busy now, but will create a big lull in my business a few months out.  I got 3 new client calls.
~And when I started to feel like I was running out of time in the day, I realized that there were several things that I wanted to get done, which were not time sensitive and I can get them done after the boys go to bed this evening.

So take a deep breath the next time you feel it all swirling around you and know that the Universe really is on your side.  You just need to give them a chance to help out.

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