If You Love Something Set It Free: If It Doesn’t Come Back, Something Better Will

My good friend and fellow Realtor, Erin, shared this story with me and it was just too good not to share.  It is a perfect example focusing on the desired end result, but not getting to worried about how you get there.  Sometimes there is a better solution than even you could have thought of.

Erin has some Buyer’s that she has been working with for well over a year.  She sold their home a while ago, they love her as an agent, but they were starting to get sucked into feeling like they needed a ‘neighborhood expert’ in the area that they were looking to buy and like they should perhaps find a different agent.  Erin got wind of this and didn’t want to loose a chance to work with a client that she really enjoyed and also didn’t want to loose the chance at the commission check.  She started pursuing these people and could just feel that it wasn’t clicking.  She was starting to feel icky about pursuing them.

So she decided to let them go.  She sent a very nice and well written note to the Buyer’s letting them know how much she appreciates them and that although she would love to work with them she understood their desire to find an agent that specialized in their new community and wished them well.  Not only did she get an incredibly heartfelt note back from her client raving about how much they love her and will refer her in the future and they appreciate her grace in respecting their decision, but the same day that she sent that note she received referrals for new clients whose commissions will equal more than DOUBLE what she would have made from the other clients.

Proof that sometimes you just need to have a little faith and make room for something great to happen.

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