Still Not Sure What Twitter Is All About?

I have to admit, I still really don’t get Twitter.  There are people that rave about it and how it has helped their business and how much fun it is, but I can barely get my posts up on Facebook let alone figure out something else!  But this is my year to take it to the next level with technology.  Hopefully there will be some benefits to my business, but at the very least I will not feel like such a dork when everyone else is talking about it and I don’t have any idea what they are saying.

I will also say that part of my frustration with all of these newer technologies such as blogging, twitter, etc is that the classes for Realtors are pretty worthless.  I have sat through several classes where they basically tell you that having a blog is good, be sure to post some stats and a fan page on Facebook can be helpful.  There are not any hands on classes where you walk out truly feeling empowered to implement anything.  So I have been going outside of real estate trainers to find out how to do all of these new things and found a wealth of great options out there with easy to understand and implement ideas.

Laura Roder is one of my favorites.  Check out her site and sign up for The Dash.  It is a weekly email with a task to help you increase your social media presence.  She also has a 4 part webinar series that starts next week on how to use Twitter to get tangible results and increase your business.  Go to to sign up.  I am doing it as well, so let me know if you sign up too.  I’d ask you to tweet about this post if you like it, but currently I haven’t the slightest idea how to actually do that.  Hopefully by next week I will.

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