Act Small To Grow Big

This last month has been a month with lots of thinking and not a lot of doing.  I got caught up in the BIG picture and as a result couldn’t see the one that is right in front of me.

It started with changing out the blog and then setting long range goals for the blog, myself, my family and life in general.  Whenever you do this, they always tell you to dream big. Well I have no problem with that one.  I have visions of waking up each morning in our house on the lake and sitting out on the patio with a cup of tea enjoying the calmness of the water and watching the reflections of the things along the shore.  I know where my office will be and how much I will enjoy working there each day. I know how we will set up the house when we have dinner parties.  Where the bar will be, what the table will look like out on the patio, what we will grill and the pitchers that we will pour cocktails from.  I can dream with the best of them.

It’s the where do I go when I come back to reality that gets me at times.  I stop having the blind faith that if I just move forward a bit each day I trust that I will get there.  I start to second guess myself. ‘Will this action get me there? What if it doesn’t and it sends me down the wrong path and I am forever blocked from achieving success and living on the water’?

The reality is that each thought we think and action that we take paves the way for our future.  However, you never have the luxury of knowing in that specific moment if what you are doing is really going to get you there or not.  Hindsight is the only way.

So what do you do?  The reality is that the Universe is a very forgiving place.  One wrong move and you are not banished from your goals destined to lead a lack luster life of under achievement.  Life is about constant correction and adjustment.  Life is also about being true to who you are as a person to your very core.  Once you get clear on that you can’t get it wrong.  Sure some actions may move you further forward than others, but they will all get you there.

So take that baby step today towards your goal, know matter how small it may seem and know that the goal will take care of itself.

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