Know When To Call In the Experts

The new blog is finally up and running.  Horray!  What I thought would take a week took a month.  It was supposed to be a simple transfer.   I uploaded all of my posts from the other platform, hit activate and off we go, right?  Of course not. 😕

In the process of transfering the posts I started looking around at other peoples blogs and reading sites on how to be the blogging, ninja master of the universe.  It turns out with this new platform I can do all sorts of super cool and awesome things that I couldn’t do one the other one.  I can upload cool videos so that I can do video blogging in addition to typing things out.  I can set it up so that when you subscribe a video of me pops up welcoming you to the blog.  I can add features for just about anything you can imagine.

All of the options turned out to be just too much for me and sent me into analysis paralysis so that I couldn’t do anything and then I started thinking that I couldn’t relaunch the blog until I had all of these thing figured out so that it would be that much more fun, but then it started to not be fun.  At the end of the day, I am an idea girl and an action girl.  I have the big dreams and I want to start moving forward.  Anything that requires me to get into the minute of things and I am out.  So I stalled.  I had one reason after another why I wasn’t  switching the blog over.

Partly because I thought that I needed to do it all myself.  I thought ~ it would be good for me to learn this so that I know what is really going on and we are trying to save money so if I do it myself then I don’t have to pay the money to have someone else do it.  Well, it turns out that was a stupid idea that involved many hours on hold with web companies who speak a language I don’t and a lot of F bombs on my part trying to figure it out.

So finally I called ‘Uncle’ and hired someone to help me switch over the blog and get it set up so that I could start writing again.  It took her less than an hour to get it switched and cost me less than a dinner out with the family!!!!  What in the hell was I thinking trying to do it on my own?  The reality is that I don’t give a sh*t how it works, I just want it to work and I want to know that there is someone to call that can make it work.

I also gave myself permission to not have to have it all figured out right now.  The videos can come later as well as all of the other things.

So take a moment to think about it.  Where are you stuck in your life? Where are you really dragging your feet because you don’t know how to move forward or you are stuck in analysis paralysis?  Maybe it’s time to find someone to handle it for you.  You might be surprised at how little it costs and how quickly it can make a difference.  After all, isn’t this what we do for our clients?  We help handle things like the sale of their property so that they can move on with their life.  We are the Real Estate experts.  Maybe it’s time we called in some experts of our own.

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