Class Act!!

Hi Nicole,

Thank YOU for your kind and very gracious note (and handwritten, to boot!)

I was going to send an email to you thanking you for your understanding – and you beat me to it through snail mail (the tortoise and the hare come to mind) J !

Anyway, let me just say you are one Classy person – and a great friend.  Thanks Nicole!

All the Best,


~ The title of this blog post is the email subject line that my client Ron just sent me and above is the actual email.

We all know that hand written note cards are an impactful way to stay in touch with people.  Yes, we live in a digital age, but there is something about receiving a beautiful card in the mail that is special.

I have been advocating writing notes to your clients for years and for some reason it is something that agents always get hung up on.  They don’t have the perfect card to send. They don’t like their handwriting.  Get over it!  Stop by the book store or stationary store and buy 3 boxes of cards to have at your desk and then get going.  And don’t sweat your handwriting.  Mine is awful and I still get responses like the one above.

The other thing that people stress about is what to say.  It is a note card. 2-3 sentences, max so again ~ don’t get so worked up about it.  Just be genuine. You can send people cards for all sorts of reasons:

~ I was thinking about you today and wanted to say hello
~ It was great running into you at the park today with the kids, let’s do it again soon
~ Thanks so much for your help with …..
~ I just want you to know how much I appreciate you.  Thank you

Once you get going it’s pretty easy.  So reach out to people with a note.  You might be pleasantly surprised by the response.

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