Want Some New Clients This Week? Throw 10 Things Away NOW!

Everything in your space either adds energy ortakes it away.  Take a moment to look around you right this every moment and notice how you feel.  Do you feel overloaded, frustrated, claustrophobic or frazzled looking at all of the things in your overflowing in box?  When you feel that way, you are shutting yourself off to receiving anything new.

If you want those clients to appear in your life you need to make space for them.  So your task for this very moment is to find 10 things that you can throw away, RIGHT NOW.  If you are in your office, in your inbox are probaly flyers for classes or special offers that have expired and can be tossed.  That pen that ran out of ink and is still on your desk ~ toss it.  If you are at home I guarantee you that your pantry has things in there WAY past their expiration date and your makeup drawer has products that are long gone.  Toss them.  If you are in your car ~ the center console alone is probably a gold mine of garbage, if not there, then your trunk is for sure.

Now that you have thrown them away, how does it feel?  Notice the space that is there now?  Space that is able to invite something else in.  We clutter our lives both externally with stuff and internally with unnecessary thoughts and stresses that keep new things from coming into our lives.  Take a moment to relax and see how good it feels to make space for things.

I know, we are supposed to be green and it is all about reduce, reuse and recycle and there is a time and place for that, but doing those things involves more steps. I want you to get the instant gratification of lightening your load.  Once you get the hang of it, then you can start going through your closet to donate clothes and the other areas of your house and office.

But for now, revel in the act of throwing something away, fully completing a task and not having to come back to it and making space for new clients.

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