I decided to give up sugar, you have been warned!

After months of feeling unfocused and frustrated, my naturopath suggested that eliminating sugar from my diet for 30 days might help.  Always one to try a natural remedy first I figured, what the heck ~ let’s give it a shot.  After all how hard can it be?

I am 2 weeks into my no sugar diet, which by the way also includes no alcohol since that is basically sugar.  Not that I am a huge boozer, but a glass of wine every now and then really does taste good.  All I can tell you is that going cold turkey on sugar is not for the faint of heart.  Last week I was crankier than I have ever been for 2 days straight.  It took everything I had not to unload on people and tell them what I really think.

Last week was a particularly challenging week too with lots going on and some tough negotiations.  I remember driving around during the middle of the day thinking, wow ~ some chocolate would really be good right about now. Later that same afternoon I thought the heck with the chocolate, I want a glass of wine.  By the end of the day I need both the chocolate AND the wine! I’m proud to say that my will power held and I didn’t have either, but it was really eye opening to see just how much my sugar cravings are tied to my stress levels and how cranky I can get when my coping mechanism is removed.

Once the light bulb went off and I realized that my crankiness was more due to sugar withdrawals than the situation I was able to start laughing again and put it back into perspective.

The funny thing is that you would think that now that I have realized the effect that sugar has on my that I would want to swear off of it forever.  Not a chance.  I am greatly anticipating the day that I can enjoy a great glass of red wine and a rich piece of chocolate cake. 🙂  In the meantime, thank you for cutting me some slack and know that my crankiness is not directed at you, but at the giant chocolate bar calling my name.

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