Reclaim Your Ass Kicking Geek Goddess

Gary and I both have vision boards in our bathroom that we look at each day. They have all sorts of inspirational phrases, pictures or our goals and other things that make us smile.  Every now and then Gary will add something to my board and one of them is the phrase above.  It makes me laugh every time I see it.

So how do you find your Ass Kicking Geek Goddess?  Do something each day that feeds your soul.  Here are some of the things that get me going:

~ A great workout, especially a good run
~ Laughing until I cry
~ A date with Gary which can be as simple as going for a walk together
~ Snuggling my boys
~Reading an awesome book. It can be fiction or non fiction, but I love getting lost in a book
~ A sassy pair of heels, they aren’t just for special occasions.  Try wearing them more and see how sassy you feel. (If you aren’t used to wearing them just be sure to pack some flip flops in your purse for later 🙂 )
~ Getting a massage
~ Spending time with my girlfriends
~ Rocking out to great music

We all have days when we aren’t ‘feeling it’ but that Goddess is in there so do something today that makes your heart sing and you will be kicking butt in no time.

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