The Quest For The Perfect Monday

I love Mondays, or at least I want to love them.  It is the start of the fresh week with all sorts of possibilities.  New adventures, things to accomplish and goals to achieve.

Each Monday I start my week by writing out my plan for the week both personally and professionally.  Being the over achiever that I am it is usually a fairly long list and basically includes me taking over the world by Monday at noon.  However, right around 11:59 on Monday I realized that the world is not ready to be conquered which is a huge bummer and takes the wind out of my sails.  So I start the day off with loads of energy and motivation and by mid afternoon have lost all focus.

How do I rework my Mondays so that they are fun and motivating and carry me through the week?

Here’s my plan for the next few weeks:

~ Each morning when I wake up I focus on 3 things that I appreciate about my life before getting out of bed. (Actually the plan is to do this every day, not just on Mondays.)  Whenever I start my day this way it always seems to go better because I then spend the rest of the day looking at the good in things versus the alternative.

~ Work out every Monday.  I exercise several times a week, but rarely on Mondays, because I always feel like I am too busy getting caught up from the weekend and getting things going for the coming week.  I am going to start running at lunch time on Monday because that is when my energy and mood seems to take a big dip.  It’s funny, in my early 20’s working out was 98% about how it made me look and 2% about the mental and health benefits of it.  Now working out for me is 98% about the mental and emotional benefit that I get from it.  It is my time to unplug and focus my thoughts.  I am also infinitely happier after I work out.

~ My third and final part of the plan is to focus more on my tasks and less on the outcome.  When I write my plan for the week it usually includes sales that I would like to make and income that I want to achieve.  I realize that a week is 7 days long but really I expect it all to show up within 4 hours of writing out the list.  The reality is that we can only control our actions, not the outcome so I will focus more on what I can control and increase my positive actions, trusting that the outcome will be there in time.

I’ll be trying out my new plan over the next few weeks and reporting back so stay tuned.  If you have anything special that you do to start your week off right, let me know.  I’d love to hear it.

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