Don’t Over Think It!

Last week while I was in Hawaii with my family I had the great opportunity to teach a class to some amazing Realtors in the area.  The official topic for the day was:

Easy ways to leverage what you are already doing to get better results and have clients that love you.

As we went through the class and started delving into the various topics the theme for the day quickly became …

Don’t over think it

~ Make the call to your client to say hello and get caught up.  There is not a magic phrase that if delivered correctly will turn into oddles of instant business so stop stessing, just be yourself and enjoy getting caught up with someone that you care about.

~ I have been mailing to my clients on a monthly basis for 12 years and EVERY mailing that I have ever sent out has a mistake in it.  Yes, I proof read them and get them as close to perfect as I can before sending them to the printer but inevitably when I get them back there is something I missed or something about the format that I wish was different.  I send them anyway.

~ Don’t get too caught up in connecting the dots in terms of basing who you stay in touch with on how much business you think that they will send you.  This is one of those crazy laws of the Universe that just is what it is.  All I know is that you have to give in order to recieve so make your day about truly building connections with people that you care about and the business will come in. It may be a crooked line in terms of how it gets to you, but it will be there.

So stop with the analysis paralysis and just move forward.  So many people do NOTHING, so the fact that you did SOMETHING means that your miles ahead of the rest. And keep a sense of humor about the mistakes.  Everyone else makes them too so when they see you make one chances are they are not thinking about how ridiculous it is that you made a mistake, but feeling completely relieved that they are not the only ones. 😉

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