Embrace Imperfect Action

Perfect is one of the biggest blocks that I see to people having success in their business.  The biggest block and the biggest excuse.

Anytime we start something new and reach outside of our comfort zone it is natural to look for reasons not to do it.  After all it is uncomfortable, no matter how great the promised reward is.  So rather than chicken out and just say we aren’t doing it, we get suck in the endless loop of creation because we want it to be perfect.

Well, here’s a news flash.  It will NEVER be perfect.  Success has NOTHING to do with perfection and EVERYTHING to do with action.

The reality is that most people do nothing, so if you do something, anything really you are virtually guaranteed success.

One of the things that has made me so successful in my business is my ability to keep in touch with people, especially when we are in the middle of a transaction.  I communicate with my clients on a regular basis and they are so appreciative.  Do I always say the right thing?  No.  However, most agents say NOTHING so just the fact that I reached out means that I am miles ahead of the rest.

So whatever it is you have been procrastinating on, because it isn’t quite perfect… commit to yourself to get it done.  Just get it out there.  You can always make changes later, but you may just be surprised by the amazing results that you get from your imperfect action.

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