We All Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends

Have you ever needed to move forward on something and drug your feet only to have the Universe decide for you that today is the day?

That is exactly what has been happening to me these last few weeks.  I have been wanting to switch from a PC to a MAC for a while now but it just hasn’t felt like the right time and with a computer that works just fine it was difficult to justify the cost.  I have also been wanting to switch over to google calendar and an online contact manager so that as I add assistants to my team we are all able to communicate and see what is going on.

Enter the Universe. In the last 3 weeks my phone died and the hard drive crashed on my PC!  True to form, it happened at the most inconvenient time, but what the heck, there’s no time like the present to get it handled.

I now have a great new MAC and a fancy new phone and it turns out the only way that they will sync is if I run my information through google calendar and an online contact management system.

Problem solved!  It has been hugely inconvenient, but I must say that I have worked with some of the most incredibly kind and helpful customer service people and it’s all coming together just fine.   If it was up to me, I would have drug my feet for many more months and wasted time in indecision and by not committing fully to the change.  Now I am committed and it’s all good.

Take a look in your life at what you have been procrastinating on.  You can decide it’s time to change or the Universe can decide for you.  Either way you’ll get there,

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