5 Simple Tips To Turn Your Business Around Today

We have all experienced it at one time or another.  And for many of us multiple times. 😕

Your business is slow.  It feels like nothing is coming together and you are not sure what to do to get it jumpstarted.  To make matters worse, you look around and see other people doing business so you just assume that it’s all your fault and maybe you just aren’t cut out for this.  Every felt that way?

Here’s the deal.  We have ALL felt that way before.  My business goes in cycles and my cycles of success always seem to be the opposite of every one else’s.  So when every one else is talking about how busy they are, I usually want to crawl under the table and hide because I am slow as can be.

News flash: If this is happening to you, it is normal.  I realize that normal may suck right now, but take it as a sign of hope.  We all go through this.  The difference between success and failure is what you do in these times.

You can turn it around, and you can do it faster than you think.

Here are my 5 favorite tips for a fast action turnaround:

  1. Connect with others. When things are slow it is easy to isolate yourself and feel less than others.   Stay connected with those around you.  It will keep your spirits up and keep you in the flow with clients.
  2. Learn your market. If you are a realtor, commit to touring at least 20 houses a week.  If you are in another industry ~ get out there and see what others are offering.  Knowing the market will change your conversations with clients in ways you never thought possible.
  3. Read something inspiring
  4. Move your body. Physical activity has a profound impact on your moods.  Even going for a short walk can get you re-energized to move forward
  5. Call your clients, both active and inactive.  Staying in touch is the first thing to fall of the radar when we are feeling down and yet it is the most important thing to reverse the trend.  Commit to calling one extra client a day for 2 weeks and see what happens.

And above all, hang in there.  Remember that small actions taken consistently have exponential results.  Keep moving forward, even if it feels like you are going at a snails pace.  Your turbo chargers are getting ready to kick in any minute now! 😆

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