Where Do You Draw The Line Between Possible And Impossible?

This is another great quote from the book “Ever Wonder”.

Think about it.  Where is the line?  Is the line static, or does it move?  If it moves then is there really a line?

Okay, enough with the head trip questions, but here are some things to consider:

~ As a newborn baby, sitting up on your own was impossible
~ When you first learned to walk, jumping was impossible
~ When you first rode a bike, staying up on only 2 wheels was impossible
~ The first time you got in the pool, swimming was impossible
~ There was a time when going to the moon was impossible

As children we crashed through impossible barriers every day.  NOTHING was impossible.  There were only things yet to be learned.

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood things started to become impossible.  Why are they now impossible and who makes it so?  Is there a chance that just like childhood, the impossible things today will become possible tomorrow?

What if impossible was banished from the dictionary and replaced with “just hasn’t happened yet, need more info”?

Take a moment to think about those things you think are impossible for you to accomplish and realize that they ARE possible.  You just need more info on how to get there.


  1. Suzanne Russell on May 4, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    Just had a conversation with a client about drawing a line. I guess there are more things to be learned.

    • Nicole Mangina on May 4, 2011 at 4:45 pm

      I hear you Suzanne! Just when I think I have things figured out, something new comes along to help me ‘grow’. Keeps it interesting:)


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