Do You Have Shinny Penny Syndrome?

Have you ever heard the expression: “Getting on your dime”?  It’ about figuring out what you do best and focusing on that.  Tom Petty is an amazing musician and totally on his dime.  He knows what he is about and what kind of music works for him.  He sticks with what works.  Warren Buffet is another person that is on his dime. He found the investing philosophy that works for him and has been rewarded handsomely.

What is your “dime”.  What is that one thing that you are amazing at, can do in your sleep, helps others and makes you incredibly happy to do?

Finding your dime, as with most things, is easier said than done.   Is it just me, or is it incredibly easy to get distracted along the way?

One of the beautiful things about spending time with entrepreneurial people is that they have all sorts of creative ideas that can get your mind spinning with ideas of your own.  Some relate to your dime and some to not.  It’s like chasing the shinny penny.  You end up zinging all over the place trying to find the perfect fit, but you never find your dime.

Sometimes you need to forgo the shinny penny to find your dime.  It’s great to be creative and brainstorm, but make sure that your idea moves you towards your bigger picture before you take action on it.

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