Reason #487 Why Exercise Is Essential

In the beginning exercise is all about how it makes you look.  We all know that jeans fit better when you do some cardio right?

Then somewhere along the way we find out there are health benefits to exercise.  For each minute of exercise you add a minute to your life, it helps lower cholesterol and all sorts of other things.

And then at some point you realize the biggest benefit of all ~ exercising keeps you sane!

Admit it.  You run a business, have a family, are probably juggling summer activities with the kids right now and sometimes things just get a little crazy.

This has definitely been the case for me these last few weeks. I was feeling really unsettled and not focused and quite frankly a bit crazy.  I also have not been working out very much for the last month with everything that has been going on.

Yesterday I decided to heck with the schedule, I was going for a swim no matter what.  Wow!  I felt like an entirely new person as soon as I hit the water.  I felt more relaxed and focused and had so much more energy during the day.   I not only got much more done yesterday than I tought I would, but I managed to bypass the Costco sized jar of Nutella that I have been eating out of all week.  Note to self, next time you see it at the store ~ Walk Away!

So get outside today and exercise.  It doesn’t have to be uber intense or for a very long time.  Even taking a 20 minute walk is enough to keep the crazies at bay.


  1. Amy Hauer on July 13, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    You are too funny! I often tell this story the other way around. I’m not a “sitter”, but I love learning! Since I hate sitting, I hate being in class, or sitting in church for even an hour. But just like excersise… once you do it, you are so glad you did!

  2. Nicole Mangina on July 14, 2011 at 6:13 am

    Haha! Amy that is so true. I’m with you. I dread every class I go to because of sitting so much, but when I come out inspired at the end, it is all worth it. And I must admit that as much as I love to exercise I spend just as much time whining about it:)


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